Killing y'all devs on that no sleep sh*t

Post date: Sep 22, 2012 3:59:06 AM

We're in the thick of development on the game we now call Planet's Core. It's been going incredibly well considering we're doing everything ourselves. Since I quit my job back in june, we've gone from slap together simple prototype of a game, that was enjoyably simple but super repetitive and not very challenging, and taken it to something of a behemoth of a game universe with a simple concept of a single gameplay goal but multiple challenges which alter how you might approach solving it.

I have never loved a game more than Planet's Core; It's dark but lighthearted fun that doesn't ask anything of the user except that they enjoy the style of the game and get the end of the level. So like all proud parents, I've been loosing sleep trying to make sure my beautiful robot boy is all that he can be. Its something that is quite challenging on the body but usually pays off in full. I'm not speaking of commercial success, when I say "pays off" I'm talking about the feeling that a dev gets when they get 3-4 days worth of stuff done in some 48 hour block :) It's a beautiful thing.

  • 48 hours ago

    • worked 16 hours ( Camera Transition added and Gravity Controls adjusted )

  • 32 hours ago

    • took 4 hour break to visit family talk about politics (People don't care about honor or unity anymore)

  • 28 hours ago

    • worked 8 hours ( Testing Game Saving and adjusted code base to allow game saving to work)

  • 20 hours ago

    • worked 1.5 hours ( Helping the contract artist on the game figure out what they're doing for the day)

  • 18.5 hours ago

    • slept 2.5 hours ( While the artist sketched out what he thought I meant)

  • 16 hours ago

    • worked 6 hours (guiding the art direction and helping with game production)

  • 10 hours ago

    • worked 4 hours (testing the saving, fixing issues with the camera code, and adding more support for saving)

  • 6 hours ago

    • slept 6 hours (So I could wake up at mid-night to help the technical producer on the game get rendering updated)

  • 0 hours ago

I know that I have to take it easy with the no sleep agenda, my body is a temple or some sh*t, but I'm lucky enough that I love what I do and I love who I get to work with and I'm just trying to make the best damn game I can :)

I wanted to make this update just to say, we're here, we're crazy and we're not going anywhere! The game is coming together better than any game I've ever worked on and I'm confident that someone will really enjoy playing it (that person is me).

PS. I looked for screenshots of the old build but I couldn't find anything. The new Planet's Core page has a screenshot as it's profile picture ;)